Diebel – Aluminum Frame Conveyor

New London Engineering is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Diebel™ line of extruded aluminum frame conveyor. It was also known as the Link series and is the original aluminum frame conveyor. This conveyor is an ideal unit for handling small lightweight products. It has a compact profile and the ability to easily mount a variety of options such as rails, sensors and supports. We have been busy updating and improving this line with more configurations coming available in near future.


Aluminum frame with T-slots for easily mounted options such as sensors, rails and supports View Photo
Optional Tight Transfer end for small product transfer View Photo
Simple and easy belt tracking system
Multiple drive types and location options
Frame depths as narrow as 1 1/8”
Aluminum box frame or plate and rail construction
All steel parts plated or anodized for a maintenance free finish. Also available in 304 2B stainless steel
Crown faced pulleys aid in belt tracking
Available Structolink™ Support System for easy adjustment and additional accessory mounting View Photo
Available Tight Transfer infeed aids in transferring products that are small and difficult


The D-1300 is a light-duty conveyor with an extremely low profile of 1 1/8”. It is ideal for conveying small lightweight parts and can have belt widths as narrow as 2”. The frame is extruded aluminum with a single slot for the full length of the frame for mounting rails, supports and other accessories. All other parts are zinc coated for a clean maintenance free finish. There is also an option for a stainless steel 304 2B parts.

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The D-2300 is a medium-duty conveyor that is ideal for automation applications. The dual slot aluminum frame allows easy mounting and movement of rails, sensors and supports. All other parts are zinc coated or can be made with an optional 304 2B stainless steel. Both offer a durable maintenance free finish. This unit comes with a 2 ¼” drive and infeed pulley’s or can be configured with the Tight transfer end for those hard to convey small parts.

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The D-3300 is the heavy-duty version of our Diebel extruded aluminum frame line of conveyor capable for conveying loads up to 200 lbs. The drive is a robust electric motor paired with a gearbox for long lasting power transmission solution. The side of the frame has dual slots on both sides for easy mounting and changing of accessories such as rails, sensors and supports. All other parts are zinc plated for a clean maintenance free finish.

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