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Keep your business moving with professional engineering, expert advice, and the industry’s top conveyor equipment, from steel belt conveyors to slider bed conveyors, including SteelTrak and PlastiTrak. New London Engineering also offers conveyor replacement parts, 24-hour shipping through UPtime Express, and accurate conveyor quotes. Our conveyor solutions can maximize your product manufacturing, material handling, or scrap removal.

Get up and running fast with one of the industry’s most extensive quick shipment programs, now available in a wide variety of conveyors including SteelTrak hinged steel belt conveyors, ToughTrak thin-line conveyors, slider bed, and cleated belt conveyors. Available as quickly as 24 hours; maximum of 10 days.

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These hinged steel belt conveyors are ideal for handling fasteners, machine chips, metal parts, scrap, and other materials that may be hot or oily. SteelTrak is the preferred choice for the machining, foundry, metalworking, and ammunition industries. Some models ship as quickly as 3 to 5 days (using UPtime Express).

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With 70 years of conveyor experience, we’ll deliver valuable ideas and help you make decisions to quickly improve performance and your bottom line.


These low profile conveyors stand up to extreme conditions and fit in tight spaces. Features include knurled drive pulleys to prevent belt slippage, long lasting bearings, endless belt quick change system, heavy 12 gauge frame and 3 ¾" of belt take up. Many configurations ship within 48 hours.

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A true workhorse, these conveyors offer a selection of long lasting belts and the ability to convey and transfer a wide variety of products with special handling needs. Get maximum flexibility in your conveying configuration: straight or curved, incline or decline. Change as your needs change and save money.

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Whether you need to modify a standard unit or a specialized piece of material handling equipment unique to your process, trust our 70 years of experience. Our sales and engineering team helps guide you from concept to finished product for maximum satisfaction.

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Perfect for moving small parts and packages, this conveyor’s slotted aluminum frame (from 1 to 18 inches wide) lets you easily add and change accessories: sensors, rails, supports, etc. Available tight transfer end and small end pulleys simplify small product transfers. Most standard units ship within 5 days.

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