Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors

New London Engineering’s light- to medium-duty Wire Mesh Conveyors are designed to handle special applications with a variety of deck options including rollers, longitudinal wear strips, and herringbone wear strips. Wire mesh conveyors are designed to carry hot or cold items from ovens or freezers. They’re also used when items need to be washed or dried.

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The Herringbone wear strips are made of stainless steel and are ideal for water, high temperature, and/or dirty and gritty applications. The unique Herringbone deck pattern spreads the belt-wear evenly across the belt.

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For medium- to heavy-duty applications, the rollers reduce friction between the wire mesh and deck, optimizing drive horsepower.

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An all-around cost-effective performer, this conveyor is ideal for light- to medium-duty applications. Plus, the “Snap on, Snap off” wear strips are easy to replace.

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