ToughTrak – Low Profile Slider Bed Conveyors

New London Engineering’s ToughTrak™ Low Profile Slider Bed Conveyors are lean and mean working machines. These steel fabricated, tough, and durable conveyors are built to survive the extreme tests of the manufacturing environment. ToughTrak conveyors are American made and engineered to work harder and last longer than our competition, plus they can be built to your exact length and width specifications at the lowest cost you’ll find anywhere.

Infeed Features:

• One-piece frame with removable pan
• U.S. Standard size fasteners
• Accessible internal belt tracking system
• Optional bolt on siderails
• Unique sturdy and safe frame construction
• Smooth, flat face working surface
• Tough and durable Hammerstone blue paint (special colors available)
• Long-lasting, maintenance-free bearings

Discharge Features:

• Crowned face knurled drive pulley continually tracks belts and prevents belts from slipping
• ToughTrak is available with a wide variety of belt and cleat options
• Accessible discharge end take up system with 3 3/4″ of belt take up
• Many widths available in New London Engineering’s UPtime Express™ Program
• Classic and dependable 12-gauge steel frame
• Low profile 1/4″ deep frame
• Sturdy and adjustable 12-gauge unistrut style supports


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This is a standard duty low profile conveyor with an extremely shallow frame depth and presses in drive bearings, resulting in a drive width from 1" to 4" narrower than other slider beds. Typically used in tight fit applications to carry a variety of lightweight packages and parts.

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This is a heavy duty low profile conveyor that can be used when longer runs are required while maintaining narrow widths. Drive and bearing configuration is designed to carry more weight than the Model 150. Used in a variety of applications where limited space is a factor.

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