2000-S Straight Running Horizontal Plastic Belt Conveyors PlastiTrak Plastic Belt Conveyors

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Designed for straight running applications, the Model 2000-S is capable of supporting various styles of plastic belts designed to handle general transport applications in light duty production and packaging operations.

Standard Specifications

  • Model 2000-S Specifications
  • Frame: 10 Gauge x 7-5/8" Deep
  • Frame Width: BW + 7/8"
  • Frame Spreaders: 10 Gauge Formed Channel
  • Shafts: 1-1/2" Square Shafts
  • Return Rollers: 2-1/2" Diameter x 11/16" Hex
  • Wear Strips: Available in Both Straight and Chevron Style Arrangements
  • Other: ACT System (Application Change Technology) see page 135 (Not included Model 2000-C, CF, F, N, NLE)