Palletizer Pallet Handling Conveyors


An excellent way to economically automate production lines.  This fully automated machine handles multiple packages, requires minimum maintenance, and has a very fast return on investment.  It is designed to fit into a small space and incorporates a robust design to ensure trouble free operation.

Standard Specifications

  • Height: 11’7”
  • Load Height: 86” max including pallet on 14.5” conveyor elevation
  • Cases: Square and Rectangular
  • Max Load: 275 pounds/lift
  • Clamping Device: Row pick
  • Handling Rate: 3 lift cycles per minute
  • Case Size: Maximum: 24”H x 24”W x 48”L; Minimum: 4”H x 4”W x 4”L
  • Electrical: 460V, 3 phase, 60 HZ
  • Air: 3 SCFM, 80 psi
  • Estimated Weight: 3,000 pounds for palletizer and infeed conveyor


  • Integrated case handling with pattern forming ability
  • Stagger-stacks packages/boxes that are not square
  • Tightly stack individual product
  • Lift a max of 275 pounds per clamp
  • Operates automatically and can be programmed to match customer’s requirements
  • Provides adjustable pressure for product handing
  • Integrates with incoming & outgoing conveyors, pallet dispensers, wrappers, scales, etc.