Pallet Handling Conveyors

Easily handle a wide variety of pallet sizes and weights with New London Engineering’s Pallet Handling Conveyors. The units work for either wood or composite pallets, and they are available in multiple chain configurations. Plus, the pop-up option allows perpendicular change of direction of pallet.

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Strand chain conveyors are used to convey heavy duty, larger sized items. They are also used to convey pallets with the runners going the wrong way. (The runners run perpendicular to the chain direction.)

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An excellent way to economically automate production lines.  This fully automated machine handles multiple packages, requires minimum maintenance, and has a very fast return on investment.  It is designed to fit into a small space and incorporates a robust design to ensure trouble free operation.

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Operation is simple: Pallets are loaded into the dispenser, the side clamps are activated and grip the second pallet from the bottom, the chain conveyor in-feed lowers releasing the bottom pallet. This is repeated until all pallets are emptied.

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