Metal Working

Handling metal parts and scrap can be a tricky proposition. Parts stick and jam, and the material flow of scrap, clips, and turnings can be problematic. As a metal fabrication company ourselves, New London Engineering has the experience to help you make the right conveyor choice. We have the deepest product line in the industry, so we won’t try to make a square peg fit in a round hole. Whether you need a SteelTrak™ hinged steel belt, ToughTrak™ thinline, a drag conveyor, or magnetic conveyor, we are your one-stop source for quality conveying equipment that’s built to last.

Read this customer testimonial:

Scott Schneider, Neff Press

“We have been a long-time customer of New London. It simply comes down to the fact that they consistently deliver the best value and service for our needs. They have taken great pains to be flexible and responsive to our ever-changing needs.”
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—Scott Schneider, Neff Press


For over 25 years, New London Engineering has supplied municipal and private recycling centers and sorting facilities with quality conveyors that stand up to the most difficult environments. We’ll help you with layout and design, whether you’re running a simple manual sorting line or want to incorporate automation with magnetics or eddy current separators. From the material intake floor to feeding the baler, we put more into it so you get more out of it.

See how we helped this customer:

Seven Vejil, Applied Recovery Systems

“Each project we work on with New London is executed with professionalism as it pertains to communications, scheduling, cost, and quality. We are pleased with the timeliness of everything from the quote to the approval drawings and the quick delivery.”
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—Seven Vejil, Applied Recovery Systems


When you talk about “feed hogs,” we understand your language. We’ve been feeding chop saws, edge banders, molders, and planers for over 50 years. New London Engineering products are built to withstand the tough duty of a wood products environment. Our custom solutions can even help you with your special needs for non-marking product transfer, rotating parts, or accumulating dust during product movement.

Discover what we did for these customers:

Scott Samek, DiPaolo CNC Retrofit Ltd.

“The staff at New London knows how important it is for suppliers of big projects to meet deadlines. Our customers’ delivery expectations are too high for us to make up for supplier-related issues. They make us better because they do what they say they are going to do!”
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—Scott Samek, DiPaolo CNC Retrofit Ltd.

Joe Starr, Lindsay Machinery, Inc.

“We have represented New London Engineering for many years. We have always been appreciative of their quick quote responses, quick deliveries, and involvement in issues that may arise after the sale. Our customers often comment to the superb quality of the conveyors New London Engineering manufactures.”
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—Joe Starr, Lindsay Machinery, Inc. 


The one constant in the packaging industry is change. New London Engineering can help you make changes the most cost-effective possible. From the modular frames to the easy mounting of accessories and controls on our AS series, we will get your up and running fast and keep you running with the most dependable conveyor in the industry. We also can help you with your palletized product, whether it’s conveying, dispensing pallets, or palletizing your packaged goods.

Check out these testimonials:

Bob Hawley, Packaging Equipment and Films

“New London Engineering has experienced engineers on staff to assist with all of our material handling needs. The expertise of their engineers and open communication allow distributors to collectively place the right equipment in our end-users’ plants to solve opportunities. This always leads to very satisfied customers and repeat sales for both New London Engineering and their distributors.”
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—Bob Hawley, Packaging Equipment and Films

Steve Schilter, Packaging Specialties, Inc.

“We have worked with New London for over 20 years, and they have always provided a quality conveying system at a reasonable cost. NLE has excellent people who are very timely with providing detailed information and quotes. For everything from simple packaging conveyors to complex packaging systems, NLE has a wide breath of product offerings to handle practically any application.”
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—Steve Schilter, Packaging Specialties, Inc.

Foundry & Forges

The foundry and forge environments can be one of the most taxing on conveying equipment. If your application requires heavy drop zones, heat dissipation, or abrasion resistance, our SteelTrak™ line has stood the test of time in these rigorous manufacturing atmospheres. The PlastiTrak™ line offers a low-friction, high-wear option for conveying all types of castings, and it’s the right solution for machine tending with robotics. Our wire mesh conveyor offers a long-lasting solution to cooling parts on the move.

See what this customer said about us:

Voytek Kulesza, Scot Forge

“New London Engineering is our primary conveyor supplier because they make a product durable enough for our applications, and they make an effort to understand our requirements so they can provide the right equipment for each application. Their commitment to their products and their willingness to listen to all our issues is extremely important to our company.”
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—Voytek Kulesza, Scot Forge

Paper, Converting, and Printing

Born in the heart of Wisconsin paper country, New London Engineering has been serving producers of paper, paper products, and printing for over 60 years. We understand that durability and long life are at the top of your conveyor supplier requirement list. From pulper feeder conveyors to trim presses to finishing shrink tunnels and stretch wrappers, we have the right conveying solution for all your process needs. And with our UPtime Express™ quick ship program, we can get you up and running fast. We guarantee it!

Here are just a couple success stories:

Tony Hertzfeldt, Pacon Corporation

“From quote to delivery, I found New London Engineering to be an organization committed to deliver on its promises.”
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—Tony Hertzfeldt, Paycon Corporation

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods manufacturers have a wide variety of needs. It’s a good thing that New London Engineering has produced process lines for some of the leading Fortune 500 consumer product companies. From high-capacity cull conveyors at line start up, we can take your goods through the entire process: accumulation and orientation, case packing, palletizing, and stretch wrapping. We pride ourselves on producing solutions that are on time and on budget.

Let our customers tell you why they rely on us:

Heavy Equipment and Automotive

New London Engineering can handle the heavy loads. Whether you need a heavy-duty chain driven live roller system, a deep frame slat conveyor with fixtures, or a custom conveyor manufactured with a structural steel frame, we have you covered. We also have extensive experience fitting into automated manufacturing cells.

Read this testimonial:

Jeremy McGuire, PK USA Inc.

“I use New London as my primary (automotive parts) conveyor supplier because I know they will get me the information I need when I need it. I also know their products will perform without complications. These things are important to me.”
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—Jeremy McGuire, PK USA Inc.


Manufacturing is undergoing a metamorphosis worldwide. The pressure to have the most efficient production possible is forcing manufacturers to streamline and constantly reevaluate their processes. While many of our standard conveyors are the perfect fit into your production lines, we realize that sometimes a custom solution offers a level of efficiency that cannot be met with off the shelf solutions. That’s why at New London Engineering, we offer custom and modified equipment with the shortest lead times in the industry.

Here’s a prior success:

John Van Eerde, Vibra Finish

“We continue to use New London because they continue to offer us the best value. Good price, unmatched sales, and engineering support, accurate quotes, and quick delivery.”
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—John Van Eerde, Vibra Finish

Robotics and Automation

Robotics and automation integrators don’t need a conveyor supplier. What they do need is an integration partner that helps supply a world-class solution. New London Engineering teams with the finest robotics firms to provide cost-effective, deadline-driven results. Our Automation Series conveyors are designed to ensure your control and ancillary mountings are fast, effective, and have the ability to change as your needs change. From machine tending to transferring palletized product, we have you covered.

See what some of our Robotics Industries Association partners have to say:

Larry Klauser, Ellison Technologies

“The only way we become a repeat source for our customers is to provide reasonably priced, problem-free, and dependable products in a timely fashion. New London Engineering continuously meets and, in most cases, exceeds the requirements or our robotic system. New London Engineering will continue to contribute to our success as one of the largest robotic integrators in the country.”
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—Larry Klauser, Ellison Technologies

Ron Potter, Factory Automation

“New London Engineering met our need for a special application requiring many custom details including adjustability of multiple lanes to accommodate various size parts, part accumulation, and part singulation. Their solution was innovative, cost-effective, and has performed extremely well in the field. We have used them numerous times since …  I can definitely recommend New London Engineering to anyone who needs a custom conveyor.”
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—Ron Potter, Factory Automation

Whitney Moon, Genesis Systems Group

“Its comforting to know we are working with experts in their field. We rely on New London Engineering to provide us with a quality product every time, and that enables us to spend more time focusing on other aspects of our business.”
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—Whitney Moon, Genesis Systems Group

Carl Gurnett, Progressive Machine & Design

We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with New London Engineering.  We have found their communications to be prompt and dependable.  Their willingness to listen to all the issues and offer expert recommendation’s for challenging applications is extremely important to our company.
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-Carl Gurnett, Progressive Machine & Design

Machine Tool

When your operation relies on machine tools that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, you need the reliability of a conveyor made by New London Engineering. Our ToughTrak™ and SteelTrak™ lines can handle your parts and scrap better by providing the right unit with the right specifications of options and accessories. Whether you’re running CNC punches, lasers, presses, or machining centers, we have a frame style that will be the perfect fit into your machine. Some of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools rely on New London Engineering.

Review what customers are saying:

Don Engles, Productivity Inc.

“Our transition from one of the larger conveyor companies to New London was remarkably smooth.  We were impressed with the experience and knowledge of everyone that worked on our project.  The communications and commitment to our timelines was exceptional.” 
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- Don Engles, Productivity Inc.


The fastener industry has a unique set of conveying challenges, and New London Engineering has been providing quality conveying solutions to meet those challenges for over 30 years. In fact, some of our finest innovations have been aimed at this industry. Our radial sidewings and keystock prevent jamming by closing frame gaps. SteelTrak™ flattop belts prevent fastener wedging during conveying by eliminating barrel resting. Balanced spiral belts prevent flat part sticking. We even have a large variety of frame styles and sizes to get the best fit into your cold heading machinery.

Find out why fastener manufacturers and fastener machine manufacturers rely on us: